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Engineering & Design

Validation, Durability and Component

The Ground Effects Engineering team has extensive experience and a very diverse skill set associated with both product and process design and development.
Due to Ground Effects involvement in product manufacturing, coating, assembly, packaging and distribution, our Engineering team participates in the development within all areas.  And since Ground Effects is also involved with the installation of products onto vehicles and shipments direct into assembly plants, our Engineering team is experienced with the full integration of parts installed onto vehicles.  This means that our team is engaged from the initial design concept right through to the installation onto the vehicle and need to account for all component interfaces, installation tool clearance and vehicle dynamics.
Using various design and validation software and lessons learned and best practice information, our team can design components in a very efficient and cost-conscious manner.
Though the Ground Effects Engineering team is highly skilled and has extensive experience within the automotive industry, they are also the beneficiary of a tremendous support team throughout the organization. Our Program Managers, Operations and Manufacturing Managers, Quality Assurance team and multiple other associates have extensive experience and provide valuable input to the Engineering team during the development phases of programs that results in products that flow through all processes in a highly efficient manner.


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