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Payer Transparency Mandate - Machine Readable Files

Regulatory Update:

Payer Transparency Machine-readable Files & Self-Funded Group Approach

This document is intended to build awareness and understanding of potential changes and issues related to the future regulatory environment for health care.

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These machine-readable files will continue to be updated to reflect business-driven changes as well as new regulatory requirements. 
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The information contained in these machine-readable files may be difficult to access without certain technology. These files may be large and require a computer that can download up to 1TB (terabyte) of data. Most modern hard drives can store half this amount. Depending on your computer's memory and hard drive, attempting to open or download large files may cause instabilities or performance issues resulting in downloads that could take hours, days, or weeks depending on the file size and hard drive combination. For reference: 1TB =243 high-definition streaming movies (average 2 hours per movie). The data in the files may not be useful for the average consumer. For example, facilities that are paid based on a percent of charge will not have a dollar amount representing the amount paid for a service.