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Law Enforcement Vehicles

Focused • Comprehensive • Practical

Ground Effects division of GFX Law Enforcement Vehicles has one goal, to provide the most reliably built police vehicles on the road.

We have teamed with Dodge since 2015 on the Pursuit vehicle lineup, providing upfit services to Dodge & Mopar for their OEM product offerings. These include Wire Harnesses, Power Distribution Centers, Ballistic Door Panels, Front Seat Stab Panels, Vinyl Wraps, Consoles and Spot Lights. Making us an extension of Dodge’s assembly plant.  

We have collaborated with industry leading suppliers to develop a product group that accentuate the strengths of the vehicles. We provide comfort, convenience, and safety while allowing officers to concentrate on their important job of protecting and serving the public while on patrol.

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality control, industry best practices, and build integrity assure our customers, that when it is time to perform their duties, they can count on their vehicle.

We at GFXLaw provide a comprehensive package of upfits and equipment, that is focused on officer & public safety, and practical in its application. 

For more information, please visit our GFX Law Website.


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