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Part Manufacturing

Parts to Fit Your Needs

In 1986, Ground Effects, Ltd. (“GFX”) began as a relatively simple manufacturer of tubular aftermarket products that utilized hydraulic CNC equipment and several manual welding operations in Southern Ontario (near Detroit, MI). As the marketplace evolved, so did GFX with the introduction of automotive-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and other high strength steel substrates for OEM-based accessories such as running boards, side steps, roof rails, and other exterior products. Several advancements were made along the way that included welding and laser-cutting robotics to meet the demand for higher precision and production volume in order to supply directly to assembly plants. Through the early 2000’s, the styling of the products because more integrated into the vehicle design and GFX continued to innovate to meet the ever-increasing requirements from key OEM customers. 
GFX made investments in other areas including coating operations, new equipment and capabilities including injection molding, stretch bending, accelerated heat aging, complex machining cells, and assembly stations with a high-degree of process monitoring. This led to other non-automotive opportunities for the industrial and retail marketplace. Strategic partnerships from around the world were concurrently developed to provide solutions that met the specific needs of our customers from a commercial and technological standpoint.    
GFX continuously improves by focusing and investing in new technologies that include high volume visual scanning in a production environment, 3D printing for evaluation and development purposes, and other capabilities that will broaden overall product offerings in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


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