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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


The Company is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We celebrate and welcome the diversity of all employees, stakeholders, and external personnel.

The Company has adopted this policy as part of its commitment to foster an environment where dignity, beliefs, and identity are respected. To achieve this, we strive to create a supportive work environment and a culture that welcomes everyone and encourages equitable opportunities for all employees while complying with all applicable legislation.


Diversity: The presence of a variety of unique qualities, identities, or experiences.
Equity: Access to opportunities that are fair and accounts for the different experiences people have based on factors that are protected by human rights legislation.
Inclusion: Creating a culture that embraces, values, and respects diversity and supports all members through equitable practices.
Dignity: Being treated respectfully and ethically because of one’s inherent worth.
Discrimination: Treating people unequally or making a distinction based on prohibited grounds that results in a burden, obligation, or disadvantage that is not imposed on others or that limits access to opportunities, benefits, and advantages available to others.


Company Commitment
We are committed to observing and following relevant human rights, equity, and privacy legislation to prevent discrimination based on any prohibited grounds. The company is also committed to developing, learning, and following best practices to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in every area of company operations.  The company will strive to create a culturally competent workforce by:
  • Providing adequate training about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Encouraging positive attitudes towards cultural differences
  •  Raising awareness of the harmful effects of prejudice and discrimination
  •  Learning from people with diverse backgrounds and experiences

Equitable Opportunity

Employees will not be negatively affected by any actions or decisions relating to hiring, compensation, promotion, benefits, job assignments, transfers, layoffs, return from layoffs, company-sponsored programs or events, or any other opportunities due to a protected characteristic.

Equitable development opportunities will be available to all employees.  Employment decisions will be made based on the qualifications and performance of employees.  A protected characteristic will not be used against an employee and no opportunities will be unfairly withheld from any employee based upon a protected characteristic.  


 In accordance with human rights legislation, the company will provide accommodations for persons who require them.  Anyone requiring accommodation should notify their Human Resources Department.


Any employee with a good-faith belief that there may have been a violation of this Policy should report it through established channels at their facility and/or to the Corporate Human Resources Department at askhr@gfxltd.com.  Retaliation against individuals for reporting a violation is strictly prohibited