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Human Rights & Working Conditions


This policy is an expression of the Company's acknowledgment at all its facilities that the Company's employees are its most important resource and asset.


The Company utilizes a global approach, together with several tools, procedures, and practices to guarantee proper application of the policy. Although the Policy's principles are not new to the Company, the Company was guided by the following International Standards:
  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
  • The ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy
  • The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises


These principles represent the overall framework of the Company's universal beliefs and the basis for the relationship between employer and employees.

Due to the global presence of the Company, the Policy is a general framework which will allow some local laws and regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and other agreements freely entered into by our employees and the Company, to supersede portions of the Policy itself.

 The principles are:
  1. Child labor: We will not use child labor.  We will never employ any person below the age of 15, unless this is part of a government-authorized job training, training, apprenticeship program clearly beneficial to the participating person.
  2. Forced labor and human trafficking:  We will not use forced labor, regardless of its form. We will not tolerate physically abusive disciplinary practices. We oppose any use of human trafficking.
  3. Right to work:  We recognize, respect, and fully guarantee our employees' right to work in all our facilities. We will work constructively with our employees to promote our employees’ best interests. We will seek to provide opportunities for employees' concerns to be heard.  We collectively bargain where law/welfare systems require us to do so.
  4. Harassment and discrimination: We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, creed, age, ethnic origin, national origin, marital or parental status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic or condition prohibited by law.
  5. Health and safety: We will provide and maintain for all employees a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable regulations for occupational safety and health.
  6. Work hours: We will comply with applicable law regulating hours of work.
  7. Compensation: We will provide compensation and benefits complying with applicable law to promote as much as possible our employees' material well-being.
  8. Bribery and corruption: We will not tolerate the giving or receiving of undue reward to influence the behavior of another individual, organization, politician and/or government body to acquire a commercial advantage, regardless of local rules and habits.
  9. Environment and sustainability: We will conduct business in an environmental-friendly and responsible way. We will seek to reduce and minimize the environmental impact of all our operations in the short- term to ensure sustainability in the long-term.
  10. Community engagement and local population: We will fully consider local population and communities among our primary stakeholders in all projects we plan to carry out. 

Business Partners:

After implementing this Policy in every location, we will promote the application of similar policies throughout the value chain and in our business partners' organizations. We will seek partnerships with organizations willing to promote behaviors and policies consistent with this Policy.


Any employee with a good-faith belief that there may have been a violation of this Policy should report it through established channels at their facility and/or to the Corporate Human Resources Department at askhr@gfxltd.com. Retaliation against individuals for reporting a violation is strictly prohibited.